About us

Prime Industries Limited was incorporated in the year 1992 as a Public Limited Company under the name Prime Proteins Limited. The Company came with an IPO in the year 1993 of Rs. 2,90,00,000. The Company set up plant in Village Gobindgarh, Tehsil Abohar, Distt. Ferozepur in the state of Punjab for manufacture of Vanaspati Ghee.

Company Philosophy

Prime Industries Limited continues to remain committed levels of Corporate Governance and seeks to achive a healthy blend of performance with performance. The company is committed to maintaining high standards of ethical behavior and Corporate Governance, and to serving its shareholders with honesty, fairness and integrity.


Mr. R.K. Singhania (F.C.A.) is well known personality in the corporate circles. He is the Managing Director of the Company and was formerly the Director (Finance) with India’s premier Oswal group for more than 10 years. He is one of the promoters and has rich experience in the corporate M&A space with deals worth Rs. 50 billion executed in FY 2005-06 alone. He is having more than 25 years experience in corporate strategy, tax planning & financial engineering internationally.

Mr. Harjeet Singh Arora (F.C.A., F.C.S.) is the Director of the Company and has more than 25 years of experience in corporate, financial and merchant banking matters. He is one of the promoters of the company and has been involved in the secondary and primary markets right from the incorporation of the company.